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Carbon capture in reforestation plots established from 1997 to 2010: 232 hectares, 208 landholding families.

Carbon capture in reforestation plots established from 1987 to 1996: 257 hectares, 209 landholding families.

Old forests managed for carbon capture, water, and soils for rural livelihoods and habitat.

The design of this project has been validated by the Rainforest Alliance under the Verified Carbon Standard and the gold level of the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards.

Sierra Premium Carbon: Carbon Sequestration in Communities of Extreme Poverty

Background. Premium Carbon is the product of the Carbon Sequestration Project in Communities of Extreme Poverty, reforestations established between 1997 and 2009, and all of those to be established between 2010 and 2013. Currently, there are reforestations in which 163 landholders are participating with a total of 191.5 hectares.

Quantification methodology. Through this product, we project a net sequestration of 115,185 tCO2e by 2042. Each year, we are going to sample 20% of the area required by the performance methodology of carbon sequestration until a statistical confidence of 95% is reached.

External validation. Bosque Sustentable A.C. has contracted an outside auditor to evaluate a possible external validation of the project, with the standards of Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) and the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS).

Sierra Solidarity Carbon: Making the Most of Forest and Carbon Sequestration

Background. The Sierra Gorda Ecological Group (GESGIAP in Spanish) established the first carbon reforestations from 1987-1996 and the property owners have maintained 213 reforestations that cover 257 hectares.

Quantification methodology. Bosque Sustentable A.C. established a monitoring system for measuring increases similar to those established for Premium Carbon, sampling a reliable proportion of the surface area.

Additionality. Financing is required to conduct proper forest management including thinning the density of trees and intensifying the growth of the remaining ones and, thus, of the captured carbon. This will result in additional income for owners in the sale of timber from thinning and application of resources of the federal Temporary Employment Program.

Sierra Gorda Biodiverse Carbon: A Project for Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation Plus (REDD+), Marching Forward

Objective. Making the most of the synergy achieved in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve (SGBR) through Payment for Environmental Services by the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), World Bank, and the Gonzalo Río Arronte Foundation, thus ensuring a very significant stock of carbon in local ecosystems.

Eligibility Criteria. Priority will be given to areas most fragile and endangered, seeking to supplement the resources currently available.

Quantification methodology. As an example, the estimated average increase in biomass per year with the removal of cattle from oak forests is 5.33 t/ha/year and the average annual increases in carbon sequestration corresponds to 2.67tC/ha or 9.77 tCO2e per hectare; with this information, projections render 7,000 net metric tonnes of carbon in oak forest in an area of 2,626.64 hectares annually.

Benefits of Community and Biodiversity. Community and biodiversity benefits will be monitored, and an Analysis of Social Return on Investment will be maintained. SVT Group helped develop a framework for a unified system to measure and manage program performance and carbon offset co-benefits of multiple community-based environmental initiatives in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve and buffer areas. Based upon the indicators, we calculated a Social Return on Investment of 12.34:1. In other words, for every dollar invested in the project, GESGIAP and its project partners have generated a return of $12.34 dollars in social and environmental returns.


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