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Carbon Neutral Planet Membership Guidelines.

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•Login for the calculator results to be recorded on your private account, a confirmation email will confirm your password (please add our e-mail in your inbox configuration)

When a calculation is recorded in your account.

•  You can consult the details of annual and travel calculations separately, assign them names or descriptions (for example, “roadtrip to Las Vegas”), and donate on-line when you are ready.  If you save results and don´t offset right away, we remind you in 10 days and again in two months and will only erase your account if no donation is made after 14 months or you request to unsubscribe.
•Donations are recorded in your account and you will receive a printable certificate that says how many tons of carbon dioxide you contribute towards a Carbon Neutral Planet.
•  Receive a quarterly newsletter about the outcomes in the climate, community and biodiversity activities ongoing in the carbon offset community of the SG Biosphere Reserve.
•  Receive a follow up email 11 months after your first donation to remind you of your pledge to reduce the emissions your produced last year and to invite you to calculate your footprint again. (Our calculator will evolve over the next year but the same concepts apply).

Carbon Neutral Planet is proud to be your carbon offset provider.

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